Girl playing with plastacine

Children learn and develop best when in a safe and secure environment through stimulating play. I aim to provide such an environment.

I base my child minding activities around The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum 6 areas of learning and development.

I visit local play groups and play barns, farms, parks, the historic quay and the beach at Hartlepool. In the past year we have also had day trips to the Blue Reef Aquarium, Beamish, Marine Park and the Discovery Museum.

The children are given plenty of opportunity for free play both in the house and in the garden.

Activities include:

If there are any specific groups or activities you would like your child to participate in I will do my very best to accommodate you.

I provide a wide range of healthy meals and snacks. I am happy to discuss any dietary requirements your child may have with you. As a qualified chef I have had experience in preparing food for people with various cultural or medical requirements.